As a natural expansion of its success as a reputable and trusted residential builder, Erickson Construction also caters to business customers by offering them full-service commercial construction for professional and retail projects including ground-up design and construction as well as remodeling and renovation services.

More than ever, today's challenging business environment requires unique skills from commercial builders like Erickson Construction to facilitate the success of a business vision. Erickson Construction understands the importance of establishing a strong partnership with its commercial customers—one that requires an appreciation of and a commitment to a customer's business goals and vision. With over 15 years in the construction industry, Erickson Construction brings experience and foresight to each commercial project by anticipating the customer's needs for a completed project that provides efficiency of space, comfort, quality, value, and an increase in productivity. The company's friendly staff and management generously share their experience and offer guidance and recommendations for their customers' benefit.

Some of Erickson Construction's outstanding clientele who have utilized the company's building expertise include de Sanchez Day Spa and Salon, the De Alba Bakery, UCAS in La Joya, and Doggies Restaurant.